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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Politics of My Country

Politics of My country

Nooks and corner, crossings and streets
Political Poems, poems on politics
Political Poems
Village and city, district and state !
People in distress! People in distress.

For poor who are entitled to simple food
That too gone away from their reach.

For politics that rules the nation
Has turned a refuge of crime

Crime that once was hated
Is status symbol of the power.

Power to quell truth and honesty
To gain money and dispose in Swiss banks
To wear garlands of crore,
To make your Own statue and bid people to worship

And not To say a word to oppose
Even Though they are dying without bread.

Bread that is dream of poor
Snatched away as in foreign rule

Oh! democracy you have no goodness.
Some selfish bunch of people
To befool nation make a group
Make promises but never fulfills
Make fights on caste, culture and creed

For temple, jihad or region.
Politics that think to rule generations
! Hark! O hark a day will come
When thy existence would be burned
That would be a true democracy.

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