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Sunday, April 9, 2017

beauty turned evil

beauty turned evil

love poem
love poem
! Bang! Bang on a windy night
Alien in a hapless plight
Drench in water head to toe
Look for refuge a night that grows.

A fairy queen with long hair
Face ablaze wild eyes a pair
Arresting smile gaze too deep.

I let her in my tiny place
Gave her clothes and bread
She looked as she did show
She looked as she did love
Came to me and moan full face.

I hugged and kissed her
She lulled me to sleep
I saw places, gardens,

Waterfall, happy people
With riches and jewels
Trees lashed with fruit of
Many tastes, incense of buddies
Freshen heart and mind
Birds chirping in a tone from
Different Boughs of trees.

I saw her going to a cave
So I did follow, the beauty
Turned evil and laughed at me
Pale people I saw there, irons in
Hand and feet with sunken cheek
And hollow eyes, specter thin
Were they all.

They cried fake beauty has thee in chain
That broke my dream and I found my self
Alone at my tiny place tired and drained.

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